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Stretch Series --- NEW

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Demands for stretchable material are increasing more and more in the market. 
To be able to satsfy the demands, Dae Ha recently developed stretchable items and we would like to introduce them to you.

Stretch PU and Stretch Glitter
They are more elastic and softer than normal PU and Glitter flex.
The available colors are as below. 
Stretch Glitter: Silver, Black 
Stretch PU: White, Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Royal Blue

Stretch PU & Glitter.png

New designs of Soft Metallic
Soft Metallic flex is one of our popular items and it has gained good reputation from our customers for a long time.
We have expanded the choice of the colors and designs for our customers.
Our unique cuttable version of stamping foil is great for both sporting and fashion designs as it stretches with your garment. Applying to virtually any textile, you can cut and weed incredibly fine detail in about 200 colours, patterns & animal prints. 
Once applied, you'll think it was screen printed.

If you are interested in our Stretch Series, please contact us info@garmentilms.com. 

Thank you 

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